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How to Choose the Perfect Goalkeeper Gloves

I remember looking at my first pair of gloves online, the pictures made them look amazing but the description was full of jargon that meant absolutely nothing to me. It’s no secret that a good pair of gloves have the potential to bring your performance to the next level, but in the seemingly endless sea of options it can be difficult to find the perfect glove for you. A good glove should fit your hands as comfortably as possible in order to protect and enhance your goal stopping ability, and it should also be designed to perform well in your specific training environment.

The Second Generation Ace Trans Pros Are Here to Change the Game Again

Welcome back keepers! Today we’re taking a look at the Second Generation of the Adidas Ace Trans Pro Pyro Storm, one of the coolest looking gloves to hit the market in 2017! The team at Adidas have continuously churned out some of my favorite game gloves, and this is no exception.If you’re familiar with my channel, you’ll know I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the first generation of the Ace Trans Pro and I reviewed it right out of the gate. While I still think the first gen is a top-notch glove, there are some differences in the newest incarnation.

Goalkeeper Basics: Glove Cuts

Some of the most frequent questions I get involve keepers trying to make sense of all the glove options out there. It might seem intimidating at first, especially when you’re trying to figure out what your first pair of gloves should be, but trust me it’s simple once you learn how to distinguish glove cuts.There are three basic types of cuts: the flat cut, roll finger cut, and negative cut. Hybrids are also a favorite on the market as the meld together different aspects of the three typical cuts, the combinations of which sometime result in the best option for some keepers.

Adidas Ace Zones Pro Glove Review

The Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalkeeper Gloves are the latest incarnations of the Adidas professional glove line. Featuring design updates to the foam and latex that are meant to allow for greater stopping power and grip, the Adidas Ace Zones Pros made their in field debut with Barcelona’s Marc- Andre ter Stegen on Jun 6, 2015 during the UEFA Champions League in Berlin. Since then they’ve continue to grace the hands of some of the best keepers in the world including Iker Casillas, Manuel Neuer, and Petr Cech.

DIY: How To Make Your Own Goalcam

Goalkeeper X: I want to start taping my games and training to make a Youtube channel like yours and send out my highlights to coaches. How do I set myself up like your video setup?

First, you need a decent camera to record. You can get a HD camera or camcorder for about $100-250. To give a frame of reference, my first camera was a point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot ELPH 300. It was an amazing little camera that had 1080p recording capability, and it did everything I asked of it, at least for my first year of taping my training.

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