Goalkeeper Training: How to save 1v1/Breakaways

The 1v1 is why the keepers are known as the crazy players on the field because it entails attacking the ball wherever it may be! Everyone has seen those crazy moments where the keeper comes flying off of his line to make a massive preemptive strike stopping the opposition from scoring. 

And the skill is as difficult and scary as it looks! The 1v1 and break away situation can never be practiced too much and should always be looked at. 

Most beginner keepers have a hard time attacking the ball and normally like to stay back and give the striker all the time to look at the goal and slam it and sometimes they can make the save but learning to attack the ball can turn an almost guaranteed goal into an amazing save. 

Make sure as you are cutting down the angle you are closely watching the strikers feet the moment you see that they are going to plant down and shoot you have to get yourself ready for the shot and if you're close enough you have to dive in right away!

Remember goalkeeping like anything else is all practice do several repetitions to help get a feel for when you like to attack and when is the best time.

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